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MyFi Spring Session Starts March 5, 2014

MyFi (Media Youth Film Initiative), a film production class for high school students, announces it spring session starting March 5. MyFi combines the ageless art of story telling with film.  Working with Hezekiah Lewis students participate in all aspects of the filmmaking process.

Penncrest tenth grader and fourth time student, DJ Gleason is looking forward to returning to the spring film class. When asked about MyFi, DJ said, "MyFi is a really great experience. Prof. Lewis is one of the greatest teachers I've ever had, and he teaches you all you need to know while still giving you enough freedom to work on your projects. Finishing a film is such a rewarding experience and getting to see the audience reacting is great."
In small groups of six to eight students, students are part of a production crew learning screenplay writing, acting and directing as well as some of the more technical aspects of the craft such as operating a camera, lighting a set, recording sound and editing film. They work as a part of an intricate team in a collaborative process of filmmaking. It is an exciting and rewarding journey.
MyFi instructor, local filmmaker, and Professor of Communications at Villanova University, Hezekiah Lewis was impressed with the diligences and creativity of the students. “Filmmakers are essentially storytellers and I believe every kid has a compelling story to share with the world”. Darryl Ridgeway, vice president of BOWSTRING STUDIOS and CEO of Blue Diamond Entertainment Group, also worked with students. 
This fall the MyFi film was a comedy “True Story” a story in the life of a student who has a very bad day where a multitude of things (real and fantastic) go wrong. In December the film was screened with family and friends at the Media Youth Center. It will be shown at the Media Film Festival (April 4 and 5) along with MyFi films from last spring “Home” and “Sorry”.
MyFi is a partnership between the Media Arts Council and the Media Youth Center that is expanding its programs to include the arts. Judy Fowler, executive director of Media Arts Council says, “ This fall’s film ‘True Story’ had all the qualities of a professional comedy. Students started writing the script over the summer. They clearly had a top notch learning experience and produced a well crafted film we all enjoyed. I’m looking forward to seeing this spring’s films. Parents have been thrilled with MyFi and what their children create.” 
Classes meet Wenessdays from 4:00 to 6:00 PM at the Media Youth Center, starting March 5 to May 7, 2014.   Tuition is $225.00 and there are scholarships available. There is a $25.00 discount for Community Arts Center members. For registration or more information contact the Media Arts Council 484 840 3622.
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